World Class Mentors Episode 7 with guest Jannette Anderson

Jannette Anderson shows women how to grab life by the ovaries and go for it!!
Her business Bodacity is committed to practically supporting women in creating Bold Businesses and Bold lives that give them the freedom they want… on THEIR terms!
Based on 35+ years of business start-up and turn-around and 30 years of personal development facilitation and coaching, she is great at getting the 4 inches between your ears working so your business can work…. because as all experts and service professionals know, you are your businesses greatest asset… and it’s greatest liability!!!
She provides a contrarian “kick-in-the-context” perspective while holding your heart and hand as you become the hero in your story! So please join me in welcoming Jannette!

Listen to “JANNETTE ANDERSON” on Spreaker.

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