World Class Mentors Episode 6 with guest Dave Claar

David Claar has been studying the 3 planes of reality…mind..body…and spirit since spring of 2002. And just finished his book titled The Filtered Soul that educates the reader on how to take any dream imaged in the mind and manifest it into the physical world…this is set to launch internationally in July. He’s been a practicing life coach for over 3 yrs and coached over a 100 clients. He has 2 coaching certifications…1st combines muscle testing and instantly removing subconscious blocks through reprogramming the mind. 2nd is how to coach one on one and facilitate a 12 wk program that has a track record of success of over 30 yrs that takes people from a dream in their mind to manifesting it into the physical world in 3 months.

Listen to “DAVE CLAAR” on Spreaker.

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