World Class Mentors Episode 10 with guest Terry Gonzalez

“I am a 25+ year experienced RN who has assisted with age reduction techniques for a few years. I received a micro-needling session and had such wonderful results I decided I wanted to share this feeling and younger look with the whole world! It is the most minimal to non-invasive procedure that causes a natural response for your collagen and elastin to rebuild. I did weeks of research and made countless contacts before purchasing the necessary machines needed. I ended up purchasing the MD Pen and the Endymed 3DEEP (that were currently the only FDR approved machine). I also wanted to make sure it would not become obsolete in a year or two. This machine had a chip that is updated as they system or wands change. The wands are interchangeable so as new or more advanced wands are produced, the main device will not have to change. Actually Endymed Medical Ltd was a winner on Good Housekeeping’s 2016 Beauty Breakthrough Awards List!

Listen to “TERRY GONZALEZ” on Spreaker.

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